Waste recognition software to monitor, audit & sort waste at scale 

Greyparrot automates the measurement of waste streams using AI-powered computer vision software. Real-time analysis on 100% of waste flows is helping waste managers save cost, increase revenue and mitigate against risks.


Waste management is facing mounting pressure to reinvent

Recycling is necessary to conserve important raw materials and protect our environment. The current low global recycling rate of 14% is partly due to a process that relies heavily on manual labour. The system faces a trade‐off between economic viability and recycling rates. Yet, there is an ever-growing demand from consumers, brands, governments and waste managers to transition to a more circular economy. This provides an urgent need and opportunity to optimise waste management with further digitisation and automation.

Greyparrot Solution 

Our goal is to empower all stakeholders in the waste management process with actionable insights to increase recycling and recovery rates. Our end-to-end solution is currently deployed on moving conveyor belts in sorting and recovery facilities to measure large waste flows. Greyparrot provides waste analytics to automate the current manual auditing process and provide new insights previously unavailable to waste managers, producers and regulators.


Scalable audits and sampling


Purity level per bale of recycled material



Accurate specifications to inform operations


Spot hazardous materials and contaminants


Robust, portable vision system with camera, processing unit and lighting that can be retrofitted into existing environments 

Greyparrot waste recognition


Deep-learning based computer vision models that can identify and characterise a broad range of materials

Data analytics

Display and export real-time detection results in a live dashboard for insights

Greyparrot Software

Greyparrot software can be integrated and embedded into a range of smart systems and hardware including smart bins, smart trucks and sorting robotics

hardware AGNOSTIC

Integration with existing or new systems


Can be used across different environments for a variety of use cases


Leveraging deep learning (AI) techniques for accurate detection


Afforable hardware for large scale deployment


100% of waste stream can be measured


Instant analysis to inform immediate action

Our Vision

To create a world where waste is treated as a resource. It is monitored, captured and reused in the most effective way. We are committed to unlocking the financial value of waste, which will, in turn, support our transition to a circular economy and keep our environment clean for generations to come

“AI-enabled machine vision is needed to detect materials that current machineries cannot. This software gives us data insights to maximise our material recovery”

Harrison Kim

Managing Director, ACI - largest recycling system integrator in South Korea

“AI, robotics and other innovative technologies in the waste industry will be key to ensure the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy.”

Wayne Hubbard

CEO, London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB)

Our Partners

Greyparrot is a member of key industry bodies within waste management and has strong partnerships with top universities. We are supported by world-leading accelerators

The Team

UK-based team with strong expertise in applied AI computer vision solutions. Our team is passionate about using technology to create positive environmental and social impact

mikela druckman

Co-founder & CEO

Nikola Sivacki

Co-founder & Senior Engineer

Ambarish Mitra


Carlos Vrancken

Product Manager

Alisa Pritchard

Marketing & Operations

Konstantin Shmelkov

Snr. Deep Learning Engineer

Susana Zoghbi, PhD

Susana Zoghbi

Deep Learning Engineer

Tomas Sixta

Tomáš Sixta

Deep Learning Engineer

Dominic Calina

Dominic Calina

Data Manager

Kaitlyn Crossley

Kaitlyn crossley

Head of People

Shiva Manchiryala

Shiva Manchiryala

Senior Software Engineer

Gaspard Duthilleul

Gaspard Duthilleul

Project Manager

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